Movies About Gambling

10 Best Movies About Gambling You Should Definitely Watch

Movies about gambling and casinos have always drawn the attention of viewers. Everyone likes when the main character wins an enormous amount of money at the very last moment. We present to your attention the top films dedicated to the casino.

The Gambler

A brilliant writer Jim Bennet turns into an avid gambler at night. He is so bogged down in the world of the game that now even the law means nothing to him. And one day Jim puts his own life on the line. Is there a chance for a person who has lost himself? Time will tell.


This film clearly demonstrates to the viewer that the casino is a great place to escape from the everyday world. Here you will thoroughly understand the feelings and emotions of a player.

Even Money

Even Money

The film is dedicated to the story of several people who have nothing to do with each other except for the craving for gambling. Such an attraction destroys their life, but they can no longer stop. The big game for them is life itself.

Casino Royale

The film begins with a murder committed in Prague. One of the highlights of the film is the poker tournament. Beautiful combinations and moves will appeal to any viewer. We are talking about James Bond, starred by Daniel Craig who is perfect for this role. Mads Mikkelsen who plays Le Chiffre is another character who makes the movie even more exciting. 

As the main action takes place at a poker tournament, players have all the best conditions. We are talking about millions of dollars and at some point, you will see similarities with 20Bet after you click the 20Bet Casino Login button which equips customers with personal managers, unique rewards and bonuses. In short, Casino Royale is definitely a film you should watch.

The Last Casino

A professor of mathematics, in order to get rid of debts, develops a system of beating the casino. To implement his plan, he involves students. But are they ready to play his game?


In the underground clubs of the city of New York, the game is played for high stakes. The stakes and rules here are special. With luck, a bright future is assured, but losing can take everything. Mike has a great brain and great instincts. Everyone called him a card sharper because he played like a god. After his release from prison, they demanded a large sum of 15 thousand dollars from him. To pay it off, you have to play a dirty game.

Molly’s Game

This is a film about a girl who decides to organize a casino. She managed to lead it for a long time. She had to engage in gambling activities due to difficult life circumstances. A promising skier was injured. As a result, the meaning of Molly’s life was lost. Temporary work and a misunderstanding with the boss pushed her onto the path of creating an underground casino.

Think Like a Man 2

Think Like a Man 2

A group of friends go to Las Vegas. Friends are waiting for a lot of entertainment in the famous casino. They will have to spend the bachelor and bachelorette party as much fun as possible, especially since the girls read a very interesting book about the relationship between the sexes. During the film, it is revealed how the gambling process takes place. At the gaming table, the characters of all the heroes are clearly visible. The pressure of the situation makes their decisions sometimes unexpected.

Smokin’ Aces

The crime thriller presents the world with very colourful characters. Not only gambling awaits you, but also the mafia, the FBI, murders and a lot of blood. The main character is a virtuoso magician who performs interesting tricks with cards. Everyone calls him “Aces”, and how his adventures will end, the film will tell.

American Hustle

This is a comedy film about gambling. Two virtuoso swindlers turn unthinkable deals. They get good money, and at this time they are closely watched by the FBI. To stay free, the scammers make a deal with the feds.

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