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11 key tips for you to start making money with sports betting!

Those who are thinking of starting in the segment may have many doubts. Therefore, we leave below 11 fundamental tips for you to start making money with sports betting!

1 – Choose a good bookmaker

The first step is to choose a good bookmaker. There are several companies, so you should pay attention to choose a place that matches your profile.

For example, some points can be cited as differentials: bonuses and offers; companies with applications; service in Portuguese; various forms of deposits; various types of sports; possibility of cash out; among other options.

2 – Do not invest what you can not


After choosing a bookmaker, it is time to put money to bet, but here is a fundamental tip: never invest what you cannot.

The money for betting should be a value that you will not miss, never use an amount that you cannot, exceeding your limits.

3 – Make your bankroll management

The bankroll management is the differential to have success in the bets, and that doesn’t matter the value of your amount.

A basic example of management is to divide the total value in 20 units, for example, if you have 100 reals, each unit will be 5 reals.

Getting the value of the unit, set three options of values for the bets, based on your confidence.

In a very confident operation, use 1 and a half units. Medium confidence, one unit.

Low confidence, half a unit. Never run away from that, and then you will have a crap bankroll management.

4 – Have emotional control

After defining your bankroll management, keep emotional control so as not to run away from your plans.

Never try to recover losses in desperation, in a moment of lack of control.

If you are not feeling on a good day, take a break to breathe, take one or two days off, and then resume.

5 – Know the teams well

tips to start betting

Before placing a bet, it is essential that the bettor knows the teams well.

Only this way you will be able to find a good opportunity to bet on the match, since the options are diverse.

6 – Know well the competition

Besides the teams, it is important to know well the competition. In many opportunities a team may need an X number of goals to gain position in the table, or even can lose by an exact score in a knockout competition.

Knowing how the competition works is fundamental to find a good bet.

7 – Never bet just based on odds

Many punters decide which bet will be made only on odds values, opting for the favorite, and this is a serious mistake.

It is not always the best option, so never bet based on that, study the teams and the competition, and only then make an entry.

 8 – Keep an eye on live opportunities

Live games are excellent betting options. An injured player during the game or even a sending off can make total difference, so keep an eye on live games.

9 – Specialize in one modality/market

tips to start betting

With many options of sports betting, we will not be able to have attention to everything, however, it is important to specialize in one modality/market.

The options are diverse, for example, in football, we have bets on goals, corners, handicap and more.

10 – Follow some specialists

An interesting tip is to follow experts. There are several websites and youtubers specialized in sports betting, which offer many interesting tips that we can follow.

11 – Study about the betting world

Finally, study a lot about the world of betting. There are several terms, betting options and strategies that can be followed, but for this it is necessary that the bettor really understands the subject to seek good profits.

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