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Statistics of a football match

Statistics are very dynamic and become an essential weapon. And today it is increasingly easy to find this information through websites specialised in game statistics.

There are people who, even if they do not bet, have a passion for the numbers that football presents.

It is worth emphasising once again that with a good knowledge of all the details, your chances increase a lot, as well as the fun in betting on something dynamic in the matches.

Football stats to bet on


Bookmakers usually offer three types of odds to the bettor during a football match.

The first of these is the number of goals that can occur in the game or even the number of goals in a given time, called “over and under”.

The second statistic is the number of cards and last but not least the number of corners.

Bookmakers also offer “odds” equivalent to these possibilities and are based on the numbers of the teams to determine the value, as well as for the winner of the game.

Let’s scrutinise a bit more about these possibilities presented by the bookmakers.

Number of goals (over and under)

football bets

It is the best known by those who are beginning to delve into statistics.

It is a very dynamic style of betting, in which the bettor can guess the overall number of goals in a given match and can also bet on how many goals will come out in each half.

The statistics sites show which teams score more in the first half and which ones score more in the second half, so there are more possibilities to win.

Remember that this type of bet is not always profitable. Therefore, you should be very aware of the values of “odds”.

In case there is interest in betting your units, they will not always be the highest, but if you are smart in this regard, the chances of fattening your budget are good.

In the options of choice, the player can find the following form on the panel of the betting site:

  • Plus 0.5 / Minus 0.5
  • Plus 1.5 / Minus 1.5
  • Plus 2.5 / Minus 2.5
  • Over 3,5 / Under 3,5
  • More 4,5 / Less 4,5
  • More 5,5 / Less 5,5

Important detail. It is essential that you highlight one of the games to choose to make this type of bet, because you will have to work with much wider possibilities.

Now let’s take one of the values to exemplify better for you. In the confrontation between teams A x B, you are intending to place a probability of less than 1.5 goals in the game, because the teams are with a low average in the championship and there is a balance in direct confrontations.

So, you will only get value if the game ends in only 1 goal for either team.

You don’t have to get the winning team right to win. But of course, if you have made both bets correct, you will get a higher return.

Of course, there is the possibility of a different scenario, with teams that are more attack-minded and have a good goals-per-game average.

This way, the bettor could place a bet on more than 3.5 and, this way, for the bettor to take the money, all that is needed is 4 goals or more.

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